The working principle of industrial ozone generator

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Industrial ozone generators are mainly used to treat and purify the large flow water or to treat the seriously-polluted water. In other words, they are used for water treatment with high demand for ozone, such as the drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) and the waste water treatment plants (WWTP). Generally, the industrial ozone generators are applicable to both of the public and private projects.

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Basic working principle: Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD), with the oxygen flowing through the electric field between high-voltage AC electrodes, where the oxygen molecules are dissociated into oxygen atoms under the bombardment of high-speed electron flow, and the oxygen atoms rapidly react with oxygen molecules to form ozone molecules.

Dielectric ceramic substrate: The ultra-thin high-aluminum substrate used as the dielectric medium material has the characteristics of high dielectric constant, minimal dielectric loss and good high voltage resistance.

Discharge process: a certain discharge gap is maintained between two parallel high-voltage electrodes. When the high-voltage power supply is connected, a high-frequency alternating high-voltage electric field is generated between the electrodes, so that when oxygen passes through the discharge space, oxygen molecules are excited by high-energy electrons to obtain energy and collide with each other to form ozone molecules.

Micro-arc oxidation technology: Micro-arc oxidation is to produce a ceramic coating mainly composed of the metal oxides of substrate under the instantaneous high temperature and high pressure on the aluminum alloy surface by arc light discharge through the combination of electrolyte and appropriate electrical parameters. The ceramic coating is characterized by high hardness, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and excellent insulation properties.

Control of discharge process: The automatic frequency scanning soft start and self-learning started resonant trajectory control are adopted. With real-time monitoring, the frequency can be sliding adjusted dynamic ally so as to lock the best efficiency point. With the double closed-loop control of ozone output and concentration decoupling, the optimal energy consumption can be sought. The current, voltage and temperature can be detected in real time, with double protection based on hardware and software. Moreover, the power and frequency safe working area is optimized to ensure the safe operation.

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