Sewage Treatment Ozone Generator

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Onyx wastewater treatment ozone generator can be widely used in printing and dyeing, electroplating, pesticide, industrial park, papermaking, chemical industry and other fields, which can be used for wastewater decolorization, deodorization, preoxidation, removal of refractory organic pollutants, etc.

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Technical parameters

Concentration: 0-240mg / L

Output: single set 0-60kg / h

Yield regulation range: 10% - 120%

Power consumption: 7kwh / kgO3 (oxygen rich source, 10wt%)

Operation pressure: 0.95 bar

Power supply: 380V / 3Ph / 50Hz three-phase five wire power supply


1. All year round maintenance without shutdown, easy maintenance
The module integration scheme is adopted to ensure the continuity and stability of industrial production of ozone. The single module is composed of discharge chamber and corresponding power supply. Each module in the system is independent of each other. If a single module fails, other modules still work normally, which does not affect the operation of the whole machine.

2. Modular design, high integration.
Modular structure, combined equipment capacity, accurate output matching;
Hot standby of module, module maintenance and replacement in self-supporting operation state, high operation rate;
The module can be switched between operation and standby status at will, and the operation capacity can be adjusted in a wide range.

3. The operation stability is high, and the concentration of produced gas hardly decays after long-time operation.
The discharge chamber of single module is made by ceramic treatment process, and the discharge dielectric material is ceramic sheet. The whole discharge chamber is completely sealed and can even be submerged in water. The reliability, security and stability of the module are very high.

4. Unique design with energy saving and consumption reduction High frequency and high voltage power supply is adopted, whose frequency is 6 ~ 8kHz, voltage 2000 ~ 3000V, and power factor 0.97.
The modular combination of discharge chamber can control the output by changing the discharge quantity of discharge chamber in the variable production process, thus saving the energy.

5. Long service life of material
The discharge chamber of single module is made by imported ceramic treatment process, and the discharge dielectric material is ceramic sheet. The whole discharge chamber is fully sealed, so it will not be oxidized and corroded by ozone for a long time and has a longer service life.


Decolorization, deodorization, sterilization and disinfection of municipal sewage; pre oxidation and biochemical improvement of landfill leachate; removal of refractory COD from chemical wastewater; reduction of the halide in the industrial wastewater produced by papermaking, etc; sterilization and COD removal of printing and dyeing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, electroplating wastewater, comprehensive wastewater in industrial park, etc.

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