Ozone generator cooling method and application field

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Ozone generator is a device used to produce ozone gas (O3). For ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, it needs to be produced and used on site (short-term storage can be realized under some special circumstances). Therefore, ozone generator should be used in all places where ozone can be used.

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Ozone generators are widely used in drinking water and sewage treatment, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields. The ozone gas generated by the ozone generator can be used directly or mixed with the liquid through the mixing device.

The ozone generator is an internally heated gas phase reactor. Because air and other similar gases are bad heat conductors, the heat generated by corona discharge will increase the temperature of the gas. Higher temperatures will accelerate the reverse reaction of ozone, i.e. the ozone will be reduced to oxygen, thus reducing the ozone production. Therefore, cooling is also a measure to improve the generator efficiency. Since the heat absorption coefficient of water and oil is much larger than that of air, water-cooled or oil-cooled generators are generally used as the industrial generators. Since air cooling is convenient and easy, it is often used in micro-ozone generators.

For the generator with water cooling, the quality of the cooling water shall be considered to prevent scaling, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the ozone generator, thereby reducing the output of ozone and increasing the maintenance cost. Therefore, if the cooling water is poor in quality, it is necessary to add a plate cooler.

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