Ultraviolet Intensity Online Monitoring System

The effect of the ultraviolet disinfection of the UV strength monitoring system depends primarily on the germicidal dose.The germicidal dose is related to ultraviolet light intensity and irradiation time.

Dose (UV dose) = I (UV intensity) × t (illumination time)

The effective dose of ultraviolet ray can be guaranteed by the UV strength monitoring system.It is an automatic management system integrating fault alarm, data statistical analysis and dose monitoring through real-time monitoring of flow, UV strength and water quality transmittance through flowmeter, UV strength monitor and UVT monitor, combined with the comprehensive analysis and accurate calculation of the control system according to the dose monitoring equation, real-time monitoring of the disinfection effect of the equipment.


UV online monitoring system can realize the control function, fault alarm, remote communication and other functions, and master the operation status of the project in real time;The output intensity of the ultraviolet lamp can be adjusted in real time according to the changes of water quality and water volume, so as to achieve real energy conservation and environmental protection.


Post time: Feb-18-2022