Portable ozone generator product introduction


Product introduction:
Adopt high efficiency corona discharge ozone module, with alumina ceramic to barriering the dielectric medium, so as to make the product compact and easy to move.This product is one of the most reliable products on the market with the selected components, especially when the ozone system often needs to be moved from one place to another.

Product type:
Water-cooled series
MicroOzone water-cooled series ozone generators adopt the microfluidic water-cooling technology, digital power control technology, and the adaptive frequency control technology which enable the ozone discharge chamber to work in the best efficiency state to ensure the output concentration and output of ozone.
Air-Cooled series
MicroOzone air-cooled series ozone generators adopt the unique air-cooling technology and digital power control technology, so that the ozone discharge chamber works in the best efficiency state and ensures the output concentration and output of ozone.

Technical features:
Microfluidic optimization discharge gap design Double closed-loop control algorithm of voltage and current.
Proprietary aluminum electrode micro-arc oxidation technology Dynamic adaptive frequency optimization control.
Efficient air cooling or water cooling technology Optimization strategy pre-set for multi-working modes.
Integrated design of plug-and-play structure, with dielectric medium blocked by aluminium oxide ceramic.
High frequency and high power factor digital power  Friendly graphical man-machine interaction design.


Post time: Feb-18-2022