Monitoring of Ultraviolet Germicidal Efficacy

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UV disinfection is affected by many factors, such as UVT, casing scaling, flow rate and so on.
Ultraviolet penetration rate (UVT) refers to the ratio of UV intensity of 253.7nm UV after passing through 1cm cuvette water sample and its initial UV intensity. This has a great impact on the UV disinfection system. In water treatment, many UV absorbents will affect UVT, such as soluble and particulate humic acid and fulvic acid, other aromatic organic compounds (phenols, etc.), metal ions, negative ions (nitrate and sulfite, etc.). When UVT decreases, the intensity of the whole reactor will decrease, which will affect the effective bactericidal dose of the reactor.

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Scaling of quartz casing is also one of the reasons for unqualified sterilization. When the water flows through the UV reactor, different water quality or chemicals added in the front-end process may cause serious casing scaling, which will directly affect the UV sterilization effect.

The flow rate is also the main factor affecting the disinfection effect of ultraviolet equipment. In the actual project, the effluent of some waterworks is unstable. Especially in the rainy season, the flow changes significantly, which poses challenge to the disinfection effect of the effluent.

In addition, the matching of lamp and ballast, SS value of influent water, water level control, process design, operation and maintenance will also affect the effect of UV disinfection.

Therefore, continuous monitoring of operating parameters is very important, ensuring that the ultraviolet disinfection system carries out sufficient disinfection, and adjust the operating dose of ultraviolet through data analysis.

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