Introduction of cloth filter equipment

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Cloth filter (fiber rotary filter) mainly works by physical filtration process. It intercepts and filters hydrophobic pollutants through a filter cloth with a filtration accuracy of less than 10 microns. It is used in surface water purification, advanced sewage treatment, industrial water treatment and other fields, mainly filtering suspended solids in water. In combination with the addition of chemicals, it can remove part of phosphorus, therefore meeting the requirements of landscape water and reclaimed water reuse. Besides, it also helps to upgrade the discharge water of urban sewage treatment plant to the first class A standard which is required by the sewage treatment plant transformation project.

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Introduction of Onyx products

Onyx cloth filter is divided into two series: side outlet and middle outlet:

(1) Side outlet cloth filter - the sewage enters the filter and then passes through the semicircle discs on both sides of the filter cloth. In this process, the quality of water flowing through each semicircle disc can be monitored in real time, and sampling can be carried out.

Figure 1. Side outlet cloth filter

(2) Middle outlet cloth filter - sewage enters the filter and then uniformly flows out of the central pipe of filter cloth.


Figure 2. Middle outlet cloth filter

Onyx cloth filter can be made into box structure, and its filter cloth disc has four specifications: 1.2m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m, which can meet the needs of various projects.
The box cloth filter system is suitable for projects with small sewage treatment demand and can replace the traditional civil structure. It can remove small suspended solids (SS) particles in water, and can be configured with fiber cloth of different precision according to different water quality and effluent requirements. The concentration of suspended solids in the effluent meets the first class A standard (SS≤10mg/L) of the Discharge Standard of Pollutants from Urban Sewage Treatment Plant, or reaches SS≤5mg/l under special circumstances.

Principle of filtration

The operation procedures of cloth filter include filtration, backwashing and sludge discharge.

(1) Filtration: the system can operate continuously for 24 hours for filtration (through liquid level difference).

(2) Backwashing: PLC automatically controls the backwashing according to the change of liquid level (or time). The system does not need to stop feeding water during the reverse suction

(3) Sludge discharge: PLC control, regular automatic sludge discharge.

Technical advantages

✦ Quality effluent, stable flow-out

✦ Each disc can filter sewage independently, during which the working condition of each filter disc can be monitored, and each disc can be replaced separately.

✦ Simple installation and maintenance, no need to empty the filter.

✦ The unique design of filtration and anti suction structure makes the system more energy-saving.

✦ Modular design makes the system more flexible.

✦ Automatic control makes operation and maintenance easier.

✦ The head loss is much smaller compared with the sand filter.

✦ Small footprint, less civil engineering and shorter construction period.

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