Integrated Wastewater Treatment System

  • Ozone water treatment system

    Ozone water treatment system

    Ozone water treatment is a method to reduce pollutants through the strong oxidation of ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which means it reacts with other substances and accepts their electrons. Ozone water treatment begins with the generation of ozone in the ozone generator. Then, with the ozone injected into the water, contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and metals, in the water will be oxidized and eliminated immediately.

  • Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment for Villages and Towns

    Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment for Villages and Towns

    Due to the large fluctuation of quality and quantity of the wastewater from villages and towns, as well as its high discharge standard (first class A or some local standards), it is difficult to meet the discharge standard. Rural and township are scattered. To collect and treat the sewage from different areas, it is necessary to lay a long pipe network, which leads to high investment cost. Therefore, integrated sewage treatment equipment is widely used in villages and towns. Aiming at the main problems of integrated sewage treatment equipment for rural and town areas, Onyx Environmental takes SATBR cyber process as the core technology, and relies on its own patent technology advantages to carry out real-time monitoring on the integrated equipment, so as to ensure high water quantity, stable water quality and compliance with the emission standard in the process of automatic sewage treatment.

  • Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

    Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

    Compared with the traditional integrated equipment process, the treatment process with SATBR cyber as the core technology has the advantages of simple treatment unit, low operation difficulty and stable equipment.

    The collected sewage is pretreated by grid and then lifted to SATBR cyber integrated sewage treatment equipment by lifting pump. After being treated by facultative functional zone, aerobic reaction, solid-liquid separation, cloth filter, disinfection and other processes, the sewage is discharged under the condition of meeting the discharge standard.

  • The role of ultraviolet rays in the disinfection of water works

    The role of ultraviolet rays in the disinfection of water works

    The latest research results in the United States show that ultraviolet is the most economical and effective disinfection method to control giardia, cryptosporidium and other parasites. At the same time, the combined disinfection process, namely, multi barrier disinfection strategy, will gradually be widely recognized and accepted by the water purification industry. At present, in northern China represented by Beijing, Tianjin and other places, there are some examples of UV disinfection of drinking water.

  • Modular Integrated Waterworks

    Modular Integrated Waterworks

    The main structure of modular integrated waterwork is assembled by enamel splicing technology. Enamel assembling and canning technology refers to: using high-strength special enamel steel as the base material, through professional enamel burning technology, the high inert anti-corrosion glaze layer is fused on the surface of steel plate base material to make the standardized enamel steel plate modules; after that, these modules are packed and transported to the construction site, and finally formed into tanks by low consumption and rapid installation.

  • Cyber Modular Waterworks mode and advantages

    Cyber Modular Waterworks mode and advantages

    It adopts a process of combining membrane and mud. Its core technology is: self aeration tri-biofilm-reactor (SATBR) in the aerobic zone is used to make a cyber fluidized bed. It can only treat less than 10000 tons of sewage per day (the best treatment capacity: 400-5000t/D), which is an efficient and shock load resistant integrated treatment process.

  • Container-type Cyber Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

    Container-type Cyber Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

    The sewage treatment capacity of container-type cyber integrated sewage treatment equipment is between 30-650m3/D. This equipment is more in line with the concept of sustainable development, with lower energy consumption, shorter construction period and lower cost.

  • Treatment of Wastewater from Industrial Park

    Treatment of Wastewater from Industrial Park

    Since the “Eleventh Five Year Plan” was launched, China has striven to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. It has also included COD into the assessment scope of total amount control and proposed its emission reduction targets. Therefore, a series of national standards, local standards and industry standards have been issued one after another to strictly limit the concentration and amount of pollutants. At the same time, China has strengthened law enforcement.

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    With the development of modern industry, industrial wastewater containing high concentration and refractory organic pollutants is increasing, whose CODcr (chemical oxygen demand) is tens of thousands of mg/L, BOD5/cod is less than 0.1, and its biodegradability is low (inert organic matter). Therefore, it is difficult to reduce the organic matter to the required index of relevant standards only by biological methods.

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