Disinfection by UV and Chlorine

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Secondary water supply, an important part of urban water supply system, involves thousands of households, whose safety and reliability has attracted much social attention. As the “last kilometer” of urban water supply system, it is also one of the main links leading to water quality pollution of urban water supply. The existing problems, such as old pipe network, aging facilities, unqualified pipe materials, and non-standard management, pose a threat to water quality safety.

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Existing Problems

Microorganism: the number of bacteria and Escherichia coli exceeds the standard, and the corresponding control is not strict enough. Residual chlorine: fluctuation or noncompliance of residual chlorine dosage, and safety of disinfection by-products. “Blood worm”: the water tank and pool of secondary water supply are poorly managed. "Yellow water": manganese and iron in water or chroma and turbidity seriously exceed the standard. Odor: the operation design of the equipment is unreasonable, resulting in dead water area in the water tank or pool; or the equipment is poorly managed, resulting in excessive attenuation of residual chlorine in the water tank or pool.

The optimal way of secondary water supply disinfection - Disinfection by UV and chlorine

1. When the chlorine content is high, operate the ultraviolet disinfection equipment at low power state, so as to kill bacteria and Escherichia coli and reduce the residual chlorine content;

2. When the chlorine content is 0.05mg/l, adjust the power output of ultraviolet based on the residual chlorine and flow signals, and ensure the residual chlorine in the pipe network meets the requirement;

3. When the chlorine content is insufficient, operate the ultraviolet disinfection equipment to ensure the safety of drinking water.

Disinfection by UV and Chlorine

Advantages of the disinfection system using UV and chlorine

Double sterilization, reduced chlorine dosage, degradation of combined chlorine, linkage control, accurate control of sterilization dose Small footprint and low cost

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