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At present, tube and plate type ozone generators are the two main types of ozone generator on the market for the field of industrial wastewater treatment. Over the 100 years since large-scale ozone generators have been widely used, tube type ozone generators (in Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) chamber structure) have been kept at the mainstream position of the market.

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The principle of plate type ozone generator: using corona discharge technology, the oxygen is impacted by the high-speed electrons under the action of strong power of high-voltage electric field to decompose into oxygen atoms. Meanwhile, the high-speed electrons have sufficient kinetic energy to form the ozone through the collision reaction among the oxygen atoms, oxygen molecules and high-speed electrons.

The plate type ozone generator is mainly composed of a discharge chamber, a high-voltage and high-frequency power supply, an automatic control system and a tail gas destruction system.

The plate type ozone generator can be integrated into a modular ozone system suitable for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, reclaimed water treatment, desulphurization and denitration, chemical oxidation, spice production, water purification of swimming pool, fishery (poultry) breeding, medical and health care, ozone household appliances and other industries.

The modular ozone generator has the following advantages:
● Micro-gap discharge, uniform discharge, high efficiency, and ozone concentration up to 260mg
● Plate ceramic dielectric is used to avoid the attenuation of ozone concentration
● The electrode has a long service life of more than ten years.
● Modular integration of units for independent operation without interference
● Energy saving: high frequency power supply is adopted, with 20% ~ 35% of power saved comprehensively by the equipment
● Small volume, small floor area and convenient maintenance
● Non-pressure vessel design, which is safe, reliable and stable.

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