Application fields of ozone generator

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Ozone generator is a necessary device for oxygen to block ozone generated by discharge through dielectric. This is a process of converting oxygen into ozone by using the principle of high voltage discharge. It is composed of ozone power supply, ozone generation room, cooling device, instruments, etc.

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Industrial development of ozone generator

Ozone system equipment is widely used in tap water treatment, wastewater treatment, flue gas denitration, pulp bleaching, fine chemical industry, food and beverage sterilization and other fields. Especially in large-scale environmental treatment projects such as the advanced treatment of municipal water supply, municipal sewage and reclaimed water treatment, all kinds of refractory industrial wastewater treatment and flue gas denitration, ozone system equipment is the key process equipment. Moreover, it is also one of the key equipment for China to achieve the energy conservation and environmental protection goals of “the 13th Five Year Plan”.

Application fields of ozone generator

1. Treatment of water supply, reclaimed water and sewage
The strong oxidation of ozone can effectively decompose the odor components of toxic and harmful organic compounds in drinking water, as well as the precursor of chloroform (chloroform), so as to provide safe drinking water.

2. Industrial wastewater treatment
It can effectively decompose organic wastewater that can not be treated by biological treatment technology, such as organic wastewater with high concentration of COD which is difficult to decompose, or organic wastewater which has inhibitory effect on microorganisms.

3. Bleaching of pulp and fiber
Due to the strong oxidation and decolorization effect of ozone, the reagent can be replaced or reduced, which reduces the energy consumption and the load of sewage treatment in the later stage. It also helps to save energy and reduce consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve product quality.

4. Treatment of landfill leachate
Ozone strong oxidant can directly degrade organic matter, and also can transform refractory organic macromolecules into small molecules, which therefore improves the biodegradability of wastewater.

5. Purification of circulating water in swimming pool and aquarium
It can achieve efficient sterilization and purification through ozone. Safe water or clean air is provided accordingly.

6. Applications in other fields


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