Advantages of Ozone Generators for Water

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Ozone is the most commonly used oxidant and disinfectant for air and water purification. Organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and FDA have accepted ozone as the best antibiotic disinfectant. Ozone generators for water can be used in conjunction with water without any chemical and produce ozone on site as required.

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The ozone water generator is a more cost-effective solution than chlorine or other chemicals and it is the most powerful oxidant allowed for water treatment. It can destroy all bacteria, algae and biofilms in the water system without any risk of resistance accumulation or immunity. Ozone water solution has a good record of rapid elimination of 99% known viruses, including the drug-resistant and problematic waterborne microorganisms (such as giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium, Streptococcus faecalis, and E. Coli) known for causing serious human health problems in drinking water. Ozone is also used for flocculation of biological organisms, which makes it easier to incorporate into the water treatment systems.

Ozone water treatment does not require to adding any chemical (such as chlorination) to the water and it can be used regardless of the initial pH of the untreated water. This eliminates the need for any pH balance, as well as the time, cost, and equipment associated with introducing other methods into the purification process. Perhaps the most impressive is that the resulting purified water is pH neutral and does not require additional steps or treatments.

After disinfecting the water, the remaining ozone will be decomposed naturally and converted into oxygen without polluting the air or water. Therefore, ozone water treatment will not produce any harmful by-products, keeping the environment safe and clean, thus reducing the overall pollution. Ozone generators for water can also be used to disinfect the polluted water of the large industrial enterprises. In addition, for the ozone is produced by self-sufficient ozone generators, expensive and cumbersome storage or transportation is not required.

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